Gonstead Chiropractic Treatment for Golf Injuries

Gonstead Chiropractic Treatment for Golf Injuries

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Golf is a sport that requires players to do a repetitive motion. Whether you practice on the driving range or play 18 holes on weekends, swinging a club again and again for years causes an amount of physical stress on the body, which negatively affects the supportive elements of the musculoskeletal system.

That said, it comes as no surprise that golf’s repetitive nature can often cause injuries to the neck, shoulder, ribs, and elbows. One body part that absorbs the most significant amount of stress however, is the back – more specifically, the lumbar spine, which absorbs most of the force. According to studies, approximately 80% of the 30 million golfers in the US have experienced some type of back pain or injury in Torrance.

How it happens

Back pain or back injuries from playing golf does not happen immediately – it is the result of accumulated playing time. Over time, the repetitive swinging motion takes its toll on our bodies, weakening the structural integrity of the spine, shifting the vertebrae into an inefficient biomechanical position. Misaligned vertebrae can cause nerve and muscular pain, immobility, sciatic neuralgia, or compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve.

Why Gonstead chiropractic treatment is effective for golf-related injuries
Diagnosis and precise interpretation is the ideal solution when it comes to golf-related back or spinal injuries. The Gonstead system typically involves the following:

Weight-bearing x-rays that can accurately identify biomechanical alteration under load
MRI scan of the area
Processes that can accurately manipulate the vertebrae using precise 3D vectors
Post-treatment management and exercise stabilization
The Gonstead system has successfully treated countless US and European PGA pros, Ryder Cup players, and major champions.

For more information about the Gonstead system, take a look at this page.

Spinal adjustments before injuries occur
Chances of getting injured can be reduced significantly if your body is in optimum condition. By getting periodic spinal adjustments, you can effectively fine-tune your body, allowing it to function at maximum capacity. If the neck and back are properly aligned, repetitive motions (such as a golf swing) will have less negative impact on the body.

Chiropractic treatments can improve mobility
Even the most seasoned pros will tell you how important it is to have mobility in your golf game. Having a weak back or stiff joints will not only ruin your form, but it can also lead to injury over time.

Undergoing chiropractic treatment strengthens the body and keeps it loose, improving your golf game and reducing the chance of injury.

Faster healing through chiropractic care
Experienced chiropractors are able to adjust the spine and keep joints and surrounding tissue in top condition, minimizing pain and promoting healing.
Chiropractic treatments evaluate injuries by considering its potential effects on other parts of the body. By considering the body as a whole, injuries can heal quicker.
Golfers, whether they’re pros or amateurs, can greatly benefit from getting regular chiropractic treatments. Regular treatments will help maintain and strengthen your body, improving mobility and reducing chances of getting an injury.

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