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The Gonstead Method Of Treatment

The Gonstead Method of Chiropractic in Torrance is the most scientific and most thorough method of chiropractic available. Unlike other systems of chiropractic, the Gonstead Method addresses all of the possible directions in which a spinal bone can misalign, causing irritation to a nerve. The Gonstead Method’s system of specific analysis and correction of vertebral misalignments is unparalleled by any other.

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, the developer of the Gonstead system, was raised on a dairy farm in Mount Vernon, Wisconsin and before becoming a chiropractor, worked as a mechanical engineer for JI Case Co. He graduated from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1923 and opened his office in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Dr. Gonstead applied the principles of engineering to the human spine as he developed his system of chiropractic. Over the next 54 years, Dr. Gonstead perfected his method of chiropractic, helping hundreds of thousands of patients in his clinic seven days a weak and many times until far past midnight. Because of the immensity of his practice, Dr. Gonstead built a tremendous 19,000 square foot clinic, a 76 room hotel next door for his patients who traveled from all over the world, and an air strip for those who flew in to receive care.

Dr. Gonstead also developed a seminar and taught his work to thousands of other chiropractors throughout the world. The Gonstead Method is still being taught, as Dr. Gonstead developed it, at the Gonstead Clinic in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

New Health Medical uses the following methods of chiropractic analysis:

  1. Case History
    A complete and thorough health history is essential in the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic. Our Gonstead doctors use information from your past and current symptoms, illnesses, and conditions, as well as a history of accidents, falls, and other injuries, in evaluating your spine and overall health.
  2. Instrumentation
    Our Gonstead doctors also use an instrument, much like a thermometer, to measure heat distribution near the spine. Abnormal heat distribution is a sign that there may be nerve dysfunction and joint swelling in the spine and will help to evaluate for possible vertebral misalignments.
  3. Static Palpation
    Your spine, when misaligned, will send warning signals to your body. Muscles may become tight or tender and other tissues surrounding the spine may become inflamed causing swelling and nerve irritation. To detect these warning signals, Our Gonstead doctors use static palpation, which simply means that they run their fingers over (or palpates) your spine in a static (or stationary) position. They are looking for edema, swelling, and tight or tender muscle fibers which are factors indicating a vertebral misalignment.
  4. Motion Palpation
    Like static palpation, our Gonstead doctors palpate your spine while bending (or motioning) it at different angles to determine the range of motion, or how easily or difficult each segment of your spine moves. For example, there may be problems if you can bend further to the right than to the left. Lack of motion is also one of the factors indicating a vertebral misalignment.
  5. X-ray Analysis
    To further understand the condition of your spine, it is also important to view the structure of your spine through the use of an x-ray examination. Our doctors evaluate for signs of pathology (or disease) and fractures, as well as evaluating the joints of the spine, the condition of the intervertebral discs, posture, overall biomechanics, and signs of vertebral misalignments or other conditions of the spine. Our doctors also uses x-rays to visualize the position of each vertebrae so that they can adjust (or manipulate) the spine and correct the vertebral misalignments as gently, specifically, and effectively as possible.

The Gonstead Adjustment
After complete evaluation using these methods of analysis, our Gonstead doctors are ready to provide gentle, specific, and precise adjustments.

Gonstead chiropractors approach the spine biomechanically, which simply means that they relate the structure of the spine to how they will adjust it. Our doctors take great care in making sure that you are in a mechanically correct position for your adjustment. Accurate positioning and precision adjusting is essential to insure that the correction is as thorough and painless as possible.

Our Gonstead chiropractors also specialize in the complete evaluation and correction of misaligned joints of the upper and lower limbs.

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