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For more than a hundred years, sports chiropractic care in Torrance is recognized throughout the world as an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. Countless studies have shown that chiropractic treatments are beneficial for those who experience health problems such as pain, spinal misalignment, and other physical ailments.

In sports medicine, chiropractic treatment is a proven method for helping athletes recover from injuries, and is one of the best ways to help athletes maintain optimal physical condition. Many trainers throughout the globe recommend chiropractic care for athletes prior to, during, and after competitions.

Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic for athletes
New Health Medical uses the Gonstead system of chiropractic, which is known as one of the safest, most precise, and effective methods of chiropractic treatment available.

Athletes get numerous benefits through Gonstead treatments, as each adjustment is performed with care and specificity. Gonstead doctors only target problematic areas of the spine, using an appropriate amount of force to restore misaligned joints and improve range of motion.

A successful Gonstead adjustment offers tremendous benefits, giving an athlete proper nerve functioning as well as improved health, which results in better performance.

How chiropractic care benefits athletes
In addition to treating injuries common in high-impact sports such as boxing, football, wrestling, or hockey, chiropractic adjustments can also improve athletic performance by enhancing a range of motion, increasing flexibility, improving blood flow, and helping reduce the possibility of injury.

Chiropractic care is also effective in reducing irritation of the nerve roots found within the vertebrae, minimizing the healing time for minor injuries.

Athletes in low-impact sports such as tennis, golf, or bowling benefit from getting chiropractic treatment as well. Routine chiropractic adjustments are the perfect solution for reducing strain from repetitive motions, which can cause damage to our bodies especially if performed for years.

Below are a few examples that show how chiropractic therapy benefits athletes from different sports:

Olympic athletes – Many world-class Olympic athletes have relied on chiropractic care for enhancing strength, endurance, and movement, as well as to help them recover from minor injuries. During Olympic games, many countries bring chiropractors along with their athletes to help them during the games.

Baseball – Baseball is sport that requires versatility. It requires players to expend energy by performing explosive motions such as swinging a bat, throwing a ball at high speed, and rushing to bases. It comes as no surprise that many baseball players suffer from a wide range of injuries such as neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, hamstring pull, back strains, and so on.

For baseball players, chiropractic treatment is a proven way to prevent these common injuries. Studies have also shown that regular chiropractic adjustments can also improve muscle strength, which is required for performing those quick bursts of movement.

Football – Perhaps the most extreme high-impact sport, it comes as no surprise that many football players suffer from frequent injuries. Yet even if you’re a football player lucky enough to avoid any injury, you’ll likely be suffering from soreness or pain after playing a game.

For these reasons, nearly every team in the National Football League (NFL) has a chiropractor on staff. Many players in the league are known to use chiropractic care frequently.

Combat sports – Athletes in combat sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts use chiropractic care to improve physical strength and performance. And because their bodies experience pain from the impact caused by punches, kicks, or throws, chiropractic care can effectively help deal with muscular or skeletal problems.

For judokas, a 2012 study from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed 16% of national level athletes had improved grip strength after going to just three chiropractic sessions.

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