Chiropractic Care and Medical Insurance in Torrance

Chiropractic Care and Medical Insurance in Torrance

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In the US, chiropractic treatment is recognized as a form of complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM. It is included in most major health insurance plans, as well as Medicare, several Medicaid plans, workers’ compensation, and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans, to name a few.

For active-duty members of the armed forces, chiropractic care is offered in over 60 military bases throughout the country. Veterans can also get chiropractic treatment in more than 30 major veterans’ medical facilities.

What exactly do the insurance plans cover?

Specifics (such as amount covered, number of sessions allowed, referrals, etc.) vary with each individual health insurance plan.

For example, the Part B plan from Medicare covers basic chiropractic treatment, which includes spinal manipulation. However, the plan does not include coverage for the initial physical exam, x-ray analysis, orthopedic devices used, evaluation services, and physical therapy and/or vitamins and supplements recommended by the chiropractor.

Before arranging a visit with a chiropractor, it is recommended that you get in touch with your insurance provider, or simply read the fine print of your insurance plan to see what exactly it covers.

Is there any way to get my health insurance to cover chiropractic treatments?

Yes. The good news is, more and more health insurance providers are looking for new ways to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Know whether your insurance provider is an HMO (Healthcare Management Organization) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). HMOs typically include coverage of services from practitioners included on their approved list. PPOs, on the other hand, usually cover around 80% for chiropractic treatment from providers not on their approved list. If the healthcare provider is on their approved list, the PPO might have a prearranged fee with them.
  • Ask your chiropractor’s office if there are any alternatives in case your health insurance does not provide coverage for their treatments. Special financing plans are usually offered by many chiropractic practitioners.
  • Even if coverage for chiropractic care is not available, keep asking your health insurance provider, as doing so may get them to reconsider. If your doctor believes chiropractic treatment can help address your health issues, request a written letter which you can submit to your insurance provider.

A few helpful tips

  • During your initial visit, be sure to fill out your medical history form as completely and thoroughly as possible. Make sure you provide complete answers to any questions regarding prior injuries.
  • Even if your health insurance provider offers coverage, keep in mind that chiropractic treatments are usually moderately expensive. Contact your chiropractor and ask about the possible duration of your treatment, as well as the estimated price.
  • If your injury is due to a work-related or automobile accident, you may want to consider talking to your employer or automobile insurance company about the possibility of them providing coverage for chiropractic treatment.

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