Chiropractic Patient Testimonials – Eric Grenda, D.C.

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Nothing Else Helped My Neck And Arm Pain


“When I came to New health Medical and saw Dr. Grenda for the first time, I felt I had finally found someone that would help me. I had been injured a year and a half earlier and could find relief from the severe pain and spasm in my neck and mid back. There were times when my arms would go numb. I had gone to other chiropractors and their non-specific treatments seem to make my condition worse. Within the first month of treatment with Dr. Grenda I found relief from all my symptoms.

I would recommend Dr. Grenda to anyone.”

Jo Nicole, Torrance, CA

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Dr. Grenda Was The Best Choice For Permanent Relief!

Chiropractor-Testimonial2“I began suffering from acid reflux about 4 years ago, I could not sleep at night because the heartburn was so bad, often vomiting. My physician suggested I take benefiber, supplements and other natural remedies and that provided only temporary relief. Dr. Grenda’s method to cure acid reflux at the root of the problem, with a chiropractic adjustment was the best choice for permanent relief. Its been almost three months since I first saw Dr. Grenda and my health has improved dramatically. I continue to recommend Dr. Grenda to all my friends and family.”

Arisa T., Torrance, CA

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No Other Chiropractors Were Able To Sustain Relief, Gonstead Works!

“I learned about the Gonstead Method through a friend of mine who is seven feet tall. Im 6’4″ so anyone his height who raved about his experiences with Gonstead got my attention. I was impressed by Dr. Grenda’s explanation and his thorough examination. No other chiropractors were able to sustain relief and I constantly ached. All that has changed since seeing Dr. Grenda. My spine feels straighter, my neck more aligned than ever and there seems to be an increase in strength. The Gonstead Method works, trust me.”

-Doug S., South Bay

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You Will Find Healing With Dr. Grenda

chiropractor-torrance4“I’ve been seeing Dr. Grenda since 2010. He’s a solid, old fashioned chiropractor with a whole health, modern attitude. If you are expecting touchy-feely and gentle manipulation, you won’t find it with a Gonstead method guy, but you will find healing with commitment to going regularly and doing your exercises. I also just found out my insurance is covering massage and they have a slew of therapists at New Health Medical – yippee! Amber is awesome!”

Diana S., Lomita CA

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Thank you Dr. Grenda for the treatment program you designed to help my lower back and neck pain. I am walking and playing golf normal again, totally void of pain.  There is no question the Gonstead Method of treatment was the right choice for me!
James G.Torrance, CA