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Each year, an estimated 22 million Americans seek chiropractic treatment for pain relief, improved performance in sports, and various reasons. Around 35% (or nearly 8 million) seek chiropractic care for one common reason: back pain.

Having chronic back pain can be extremely frustrating as it can greatly limit a person’s range of activities. At times, it can even make simple movements such as bending down to pick something up quite painful.

Much who have back pain resort to over-the-counter analgesics or heating pads, unaware that these are merely temporary solutions that do not address the underlying problem.

At New Health Medical, we focus on providing effective, lasting solutions through the Gonstead system of chiropractic, along with our physical and massage therapy services. As the leader in chiropractic care and medical services in Torrance and the South Bay area since 1992, we are passionate about giving our patients service of the highest quality.

Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic and Back Pain Chiropractor

Controlled, scientific studies reveal that chiropractic treatment is effective in relieving low back pain both immediate and long-term, in significantly less time compared to traditional physical therapy.

The Gonstead method is one of the best forms of chiropractic treatment, as it focuses on addressing the cause of back pain rather than simply alleviating symptoms.

Gonstead adjustments target specific problematic spinal joints, rather than treating a wide region, which gives it an advantage compared to more common chiropractic and osteopathic techniques.

What causes lower back pain?

Back pain can be triggered by different reasons – muscle strain, aging, accidents, sports injuries, ruptured discs, sprained ligaments and poor posture are some of the most common examples.

There are various types of back pain, but here are two of the more common ones:

Acute lower back pain – Those with acute low back pain can often use self-care and staying active through an exercise to improve their condition. Patients with this type of back pain who do not notice any improvement after several weeks of self-treatment may need to consider chiropractic manipulation.

Chronic lower back pain – People with chronic lower back pain benefit the most from natural methods, which include spinal manipulation. Symptoms will not improve through the use of pain medication – treatment that improves function and reducing pain is the most effective for this type.

Chiropractic care for lower back pain

During a patient’s initial visit, the doctor of chiropractic will ask about his or her medical history, current health, lifestyle, sleeping habits, diet, medicines, and so on. After getting information from the patient, a physical examination will be performed. In most cases, lab tests and diagnostic imaging may be required in order to determine the appropriate treatment.

Chiropractic treatment plans for the back involve manual adjustments that manipulate the joints. Chiropractors use controlled, and at times sudden, motions that can improve the patient’s quality and range of movement. Physical therapy, exercise, and nutritional counseling are also often incorporated into treatment plans for better results.

If you’re considering getting a chiropractic treatment, it is important to keep in mind that several sessions may be needed to correct the underlying problem. Chiropractic treatment plans typically last for several weeks. At the beginning, two or three sessions per week is usually recommended. This can go down to just one session a week depending on a patient’s improvement.

Benefits of Gonstead chiropractic

Evidence-based studies have shown that the Gonstead method is an effective, safe, and drug-free treatment that can help patients who are suffering from low back pain.

In addition to treating lower back pain, Gonstead chiropractic is also effective in treating neck pain, headaches, joint pain and arthritis, ear infections, scoliosis, organ function, asthma, blood pressure, and more.

Chiropractor Back Pain

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