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“After being diagnosed with a “severe strained right shoulder” for my work related injury, I was experiencing severe and debilitating pain on a daily basis.  I hoped that my condition would improve quickly and without the prolonged use of medication.  However, after six months of “treatment” namely, physical therapy, and variety of pain medication and on steroidal injection to my shoulder, my symptoms persisted without any lasting relief.  I was desperate to make the excruciating pain stop.  The pain had affected the quality of my work and forced me to abandon my exercise program months before.


Standard medical intervention had proved ineffective for my injury, so I became proactive and sought help from the alternative medical community.  Chiropractic made common sense to me, because I knew it was non-invasive and natural.  I interviewed three doctors, before finding Dr. Grenda and his very specialized integrative practice.  I knew from my first visit that I had found the right place.  His thorough exam and diagnosis put my mind at ease and he made it clear to me that Gonstead Chiropractic could solve both the root of my problem and reduce, then eliminate the chronic pain.  He informed me that it would take a sincere commitment of time and that I would need to be consistent with both treatment and therapy.  We were now “partners in healing”.  This was refreshing news because I had grown tired of being a passive and powerless victim.


Dr. Grenda told me that my problem would take a minimum of six month to improve, because it had been caused by both repetitive strain and years of neck and spine neglect.  Little did I realized, that after only three months of treatment (3x per week), the intensity and frequency of my pain would markedly decrease and that I would even have some days with very little at all!  I no longer take medication on a daily basis and my well being has returned naturally and seemingly miraculously!


I am so glad I didn’t give up prematurely, before I experienced the miracle of restored health.  Many people want an instant cure and refuse to invest that time that it takes to get well.  They don’t understand that the body can take months to “adjust” and become properly aligned.  Dr. Grenda and his sincere, dedicated and professional staff have proved to me that those with chronic pain can have wellness, if we are willing to be tenacious and have faith that recovery truly lies with in our own bodies.  He has facilitated the functioning of my nervous system and I am better in every way.  I have returned to my exercise routine with greater enthusiasm, energy and appreciation.  In addition, I have discovered that future chiropractic care can prevent more harm as the years go by.  I am now an active participant in my own well being!


I SINCERELY THANK YOU FOR THE BRILLIANT AND ENLIGHTENED WORK YOU DO, AND YOUR DAILY DEDICATION TO YOUR PATIENTS AND YOUR PROFESSION.  You and your staff have worked with me to eliminate the chronic pain and restore my peace of mind.  For that, I will always be grateful.”


Sincerely, Elizabeth Emmanuoledes





“Dear Dr. Grenda, I just wanted to thank for what you’ve done for me.


When I first came to see you, I had pain in my right shoulder, left shoulder blade, and neck for over a year.  I had tried many forms of physical therapy, as well as medications, acupuncture, and biofeedback.


Nothing relieved the pain for more than a brief period.  However, after I began to see you, I began to feel significantly better after only a few sessions.  Now, after 2 months, I am virtually pain-free.


I felt that you were clear in explaining how you could help me.  I appreciated the professionalism of you and all your staff, and always felt that my health and well-being were your top priorities.


Thank you again for your care.”


Sincerely, Marianne Bess


Group Account Director



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When you’re in constant pain…it affects your life. My recommendation to anyone is don’t get discouraged, because Dr. Grenda can help.  My posture has also improved and so has my overall disposition. Thank You!
Rory R.Torrance, CA