Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Can Chiropractic Help With Carpal Tunnel?

Many patients come into our practice suffering from Carpal Tunnel. There is a misconception that this condition is entirely composed of issues within the wrist and that surgery is the only option.

The wrist is only a component to the overall condition known as carpal tunnel, but there are a variety of other issues that when combined with inflammation can create carpal tunnel. The main nerve involved in carpal tunnel, the median nerve, has its roots within the cervical and thoracic spine (lower neck and upper back). These nerves travel down through the shoulder into the arm, passing through the wrist, ending in the thumb and first three fingers.

Most patients that suffer with carpal tunnel will also have nerve impingement in the neck and upper back. Often that pressure can be relieved with a chiropractic adjustment,and the numbness and pain associated with carpal tunnel can be alleviated.

As doctors of chiropractic we are trained to inform you on how best to treat these symptoms with recommendations on changes in the home and workplace environment and therapeutic stretching, exercises, and even in braces to wear when needed.

Surgery is not the only answer to fixing this common syndrome and as doctors of chiropractic we are well equipped to help you alleviate it. If you or anyone you know suffers with carpal tunnel, a visit to New Health Medical may be all that is needed.

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Brenda Howard“I had been experiencing so much pain in my wrists and hands for so many years, I could no longer sleep restfully (I would even attempt to sleep standing up).  All my activities requiring the use of my hands were painful and limited.  I am a school cafeteria cook and I cannot begin to describe how every single day became unbearable because of the pain.

New Health Medical is second to none.  Dr. Grenda and his staff are so professional and caring.  I can truly attest to the fact that they REALLY HELPED ME.  My carpal tunnel syndrome had seriously deteriorated my life, my physical capabilities, and so much more.  I am now PAIN FREE.  I’m EXTREMELY grateful, thank you so much Dr. Grenda!”

Sincerely, Brenda Howard

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Eva Tsou headshot“Dr. Grenda helped me relieve years of chronic lower back pain and pain in my left wrist, hand and elbow.  I came to New Health Medical with extreme pain in my lower back and through discussing my symptoms with Dr. Grenda, he educated me about how the pain in my left arm is carpal tunnel syndrome and most likely due to the long hours I worked on the computer.

I now feel my posture is different, I feel taller and stronger plus I no longer feel any pain in my left hand.  Before being treated at New Health Medical, I tried many therapies and they all gave me only temporary relief.  I have been pain free for over 6 months and I am able to do a lot of activities that I was fearful to do before.  I am so glad that I was referred to New Health Medical!  Thanks Dr. Grenda for making me feel so much better!”

Sincerely Happy, Eva Tsou

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Jo Nicol“When I came to New Health Medical and saw Dr. Grenda for the first time, I felt that finally I had found someone that would be able to help me.  I had been injured a year and a half earlier and could find no relief from the severe pain in my neck and mid back.

I am a secretary work on a computer all day. There were times when my arms would go numb and the pain in my hands was unbearable.  I had gone to other chiropractors and their non-specific adjustments seemed to make my condition worse.  Within the first month of treatment with Dr. Grenda, I found relief from all of my symptoms and I am very thankful.  It has been a pleasure dealing with the professional and friendly office staff.  I would recommend New Health Medical and Dr. Grenda to anyone.”

Jo Nicole – Torrance, California

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When you’re in constant pain…it affects your life. My recommendation to anyone is don’t get discouraged, because Dr. Grenda can help.  My posture has also improved and so has my overall disposition. Thank You!
Rory R.Torrance, CA