Chiropractic Therapy Torrance

There are millions of people throughout the globe who have benefited from chiropractic therapy’s natural, drug-free approach. Not only has chiropractic therapy provided relief for problems like back pain, but it has helped guide many along a new path towards wellness.

The spinal column is what allows us to perform certain movements that are required during our daily lives, such as bending or twisting. It also protects our central nervous system, which controls the different tissues, muscles, and organs in our bodies. It goes without saying that to live an active lifestyle, you need to have a healthy, properly functioning spine.

New Health Medical Torrance Chiropractic Center

With our Torrance Chiropractic Center, easy access to quality chiropractic therapy is available to all patients in Torrance as well as the surrounding South Bay area.

We focus on constantly improving and refining our treatment methods so we can successfully provide the most advanced diagnostic procedures and cutting-edge healthcare for our patients.

As a multi-specialty healthcare group, we use a variety of methods such as Gonstead chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage, medicine, and nutrition to help all of our patients achieve their optimum state of health.

Our Gonstead chiropractic adjustments, along with our physical and massage therapy services are perfect for anyone looking for a solution far more advanced than common medical remedies. We use treatments that are more effective than typical physical therapy methods and techniques such as stretching, floor exercise, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, roller tables, and so on.

Gonstead chiropractic’s advantage

Compared to traditional chiropractic doctors, Gonstead chiropractors have a more precise approach to spinal manipulation, performing specific, accurate segmental adjustments.

Gonstead chiropractors are known for their close attention, expertise in isolating specific joints, and skill in delivering the appropriate amount of force. Gonstead adjustments involve little to no rotating or twisting motions and are therefore safer, comfortable and more effective.

The Gonstead system uses an effective two-step process that involves thorough analysis and precise adjustments. In order to determine the proper course of action and to identify specific areas of concern, a thorough spinal analysis is required.

Many patients who have undergone a Gonstead adjustment can attest to its effectiveness, saying they experience more relief due to its calculated approach and an overall feeling of getting a “deeper” setting.

Therapeutic Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic therapy can effectively correct damage resulting from years of poor posture or accidental trauma. Here are some of its therapeutic benefits that are backed by medical research:

Neck and lower back pain – In studies published by the British Medical Journal and Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, a large percent of patients with neck or lower back pain experienced great improvement and satisfaction in a shorter duration.

Sciatica – A study from the European Spine Journal reported a 72% success rate for sciatica patients treated using chiropractic adjustments. By comparison, the success rate for sciatica treatments from regular physical therapy is 20% and 50% for corticosteroid injections.

Headaches – According to more than 230 peer-reviewed articles, chiropractic therapy is an effective treatment that can prevent, cure, and provide relief for headaches and migraines. Studies show that 22% of people who have undergone chiropractic therapy experienced a drop of over 90% in the frequency of headaches, while 49% claim that the pain intensity was significantly reduced.

Colic and ear infections – A study from the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics revealed that chiropractic treatments significantly reduced colic symptoms in patients. Case studies show that many children who suffer from ear infections, colic symptoms, and acid reflux benefitted from just a few sessions of chiropractic treatment.

Hypertension – The Human Journal of Hypertension published a study in 2007 proving that the effects of one upper cervical chiropractic adjustment is identical to taking two blood-pressure reducing drugs. Unlike the drugs, however, researchers discovered another fascinating discovery – effects on blood pressure from one adjustment lasted for up to six months.

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