At New Health Medical, we specialize in integrating our treatments with a variety of therapies and providers thus giving our patients greater access to care and health outcomes. Whether you want to eliminate pain, get pregnant, manage stress, or recover from surgery, our highly trained Acupuncturist offers a variety of services to help you heal:

Stimulation of soft tissue with acupuncture needles elicits neurological, endocrine, and immunological/inflammatory mechanisms, responses that promote healing and homeostasis, alleviate pain, provide stress relief, and induce physical and psychological relaxation.

Motor point/Electro-acupuncture
The stimulation of motor points synapses between muscles and motor nerves to help reset dysfunctional muscle spindles and correct reflexive spasms and abnormal muscle function. This method is used for atrophied or weakened muscles and those that are not responding to traditional physical therapies

Cupping therapy
A traditional healing method that uses suction to increase circulation and stretch tissue.

Herbal therapy
Employing traditional and modern plant medicine science to safely and effectively prevent and treat of a wide range of health conditions.

Dietary therapy
Dietary and nutritional recommendations effectively treat many health disorders, including gastrointestinal problems, allergies, chronic pain, fatigue, and mental health conditions.

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I am so thankful for Dr. Grenda and his healing hands!! He is truly a God send to me and I am so thankful he is such a great Chiropractor!
Marion L.Torrance, CA