“Recently I experienced a sudden and extremely painful onset of TMJ.  I could only open my mouth slightly; I couldn’t bite or chew food.  The swelling around my jaw hinge created pressure on my ear, making me dizzy and unsteady on my feet.  Even talking was difficult, indistinct and exhausting.  A constant regimen of ibuprofen didn’t relieve the pain enough for me to sleep.  I was desperate!


My dentist recommended a course of action that included a consultation and taking impressions for mouth guards that would be worn for months or years to “possibly” realign my jaw.  Even an internet search lead me to believe that I would be living with this condition for the rest of my life.  Nowhere was it suggested that chiropractic care might be beneficial.


In my initial treatment, Dr. Grenda backed my jaw off the nerve.  What a relief!  The pain was gone and the swelling subsided.  I could talk, walk (without dizziness) and sleep!  Over the next visits my jaw regained range of motion.  I was able to bite and chew food—and even floss my back teeth again!


I had no idea that such a small misalignment could shake up my life so much.  I am so grateful to Dr. Grenda for alleviating the pain and correcting the mechanics of my jaw—for restoring the basics (eating, talking, sleeping, walking) to my life!!”


Sincerely, Linda Swanson

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It has been a pleasure dealing with the professional and friendly office staff. I would recommend New Health Medical and Dr. Grenda to anyone.
Jo N.Torrance, California